According to Tastemaker Felicia Sim, the young hawker at this Serangoon stall first started out helping his friends at their hawker stall, and then moved on to fry Hokkien mee at a few places, including Yong Heng Hokkien Mee. Under the tutelage of several hawkers, coupled with trial and error recipes and cooking techniques picked up on the internet, he finally gained the confidence to start out on his own. And how lucky we are that he did! The Hokkien Mee ($4 or $5) is wonderfully wet, and Tastemaker Felicia says that the robust and sweet broth base is prepared using prawns from Thailand, which have more roe for extra flavour. There is abundant garlic and the unmissable pork lard is freshly fried till airy and extremely crispy. The icing on the cake is the spicy and sour chilli, which complements the noodles perfectly. Servings are on the small side, so don't hesitate asking for the larger plate.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Felicia Sim