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We got the meatarian as well garlic snow pizza (thin-crusted).Toppings were generous on both and there was the same white sauce on both that we really liked.

Garlic snow pizza: it seems to be their signature dish and we bought it on the basis of its good reviews. The cheese-pineapple-garlic combination on a crispy base was a fresh combination; the pineapples were soft and sweet and shrimps were succulent. We both don’t usually like prawns much but the shrimps blended very well with the pizza.

7.5/10 for taste

Meatarian pizza: we picked this partly because it was the only pizza of the same price as the garlic snow (25++) and it did not disappoint. I think this will be the go-to pizza if you’re craving for the regular ham/cheese/mushrooms pizza.

7/10 for taste

The pizzas are a bit salty and you may need drinks to accompany them. (There is a charge of $1 per glass of water)

Value: 8/10 after 1 for 1
Ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 6/10

Good for group gatherings
Ok for dates