@breakfasthola is opened by Taiwanese, and they serve all day authentic Taiwanese Breakfast and Brunch items here! Take a trip to Taiwan while in Singapore!

Indulge in a wide range of menu items, ranging from toast, thick slice toast, club sandwiches, egg crepe roll, noodles, rice and many drink choices! There is something for everyone here! Tasty breakfast items to start off your day happy!

Featured here are the below food items that I tried:
- Garlic Butter Thick Toast ($4.50): Highly recommended to get this! I love this crispy on the outside and fluffy soft pillowy on the inside toast! Very fragrant garlic butter spread too!

-Ham Original Egg Crepe Roll with Pulled Cheese ($5.90 + $1.50): A simple dish that can't go wrong and super comforting! You can choose the type of crepe that you want too! Choose from original / whole wheat (+$1) / scallion oil pancake (+$2)

-Grilled Pork Meat and Egg Toast ($5.80): The slightly sweet white bread was nicely toasted! Went well with the crunchy lettuce and cucumber, egg and savoury pork slice!

-Lady Boss Pork Brown Rice (Large size for $8.50): Get the large size bowl if you want this sunny side up oozy egg! Love the savoury braised pork sauce! This version is made of ground pork instead of pork belly, if you prefer less fatty pork meat!

-Iced Good Morning Milk Tea ($2.80): Very thick and fragrant!
-Iced Winter Melon Tea ($2.50): Refreshing and thirst quenching.

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