Dian Xiao Er has a super deal set lunch for 2 pax at $32.80++ available at specified outlets!* 11:30am-2:30pm.

4 of us ordered two set lunches and we top up $4.60(X3) for 3 sets of soup of the day (old cucumber with pork ribs). Soup (炖汤)is really good; flavoursome and wholesome, and really so worth getting.

The signature herbal roast duck is unbeatable! Bite into the skin and taste the explosion of herbaliciousness.

Their roast ducks are different from what you have outside as they are tender, and at the same time, juicy.

There is the Dang Gui (Angelica herb) Roast Duck, which is fragrant, savoury and slightly bitter, and there is also the Shi Quan (Ten wonder herbs) Roast Duck, which is slightly sweeter. Personally, I prefer the Shi Quan Roasted duck. It is a must-try!