I don't go to McDonald's for lunch or dinner, but when I do, it's because they wisely decide to (finally) put their stellar Samurai Beef Burger back onto their rotational menu.

It's been lurking around on their specials menu ever since I was an over-sensitive adolescent, but it'll never go out of style. Sure, the beef patty is just a Big Mac patty that's been repurposed for the Samurai, but it has NEVER and will NEVER taste as good as the Samurai.

It may be campy, and it may be sorta cheap, but it will get you hooked at first bite. The deluge of McDonald's proprietary teriyaki sauce combined with the mayonnaise just elevates the otherwise boring Big Mac patty into a whole 'nother beast. Rich, sweet, salty, sticky and hopelessly addictive, this proud burger will viciously slay your tastebuds right where they stand with its unstoppable, potent mix of fabulous flavors.

If you don't agree with me that the Samurai Burger is McDonald's best burger ever, you're dead wrong and I'll fight you to the death. Swear on me tastebuds, I'll fookin rek u m8