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Thanks so match-a @shotsandscoopssg for the heads up and I m glad I managed to satisfy my cravings from my previous failed visit πŸ˜…. And much to my pleasant surprise, there’s also a new ice cream flavour- HOUJICHA! πŸ’› Matcha ice cream was also churned on that very same day but still undergoing fine-tuning and hence not available for sale at the moment. No doubt houjicha was my pick for the flavours, along with raspberry lychee rose for a refreshing (and colour) contrast. The ice cream are all homemade, freshly churned with a smooth, creamy consistency and a pleasant melt-in-the mouth texture. The houjicha ice cream managed to meet up to my expectations, with a distinctive and lingering roasted flavour and aroma that I totally adore. Intensity was spot on, though of course as a hardcore houjicha fan, I would certainly not mind a stronger roasted flavour. On the other hand, the raspberry lychee rose was tangy, a sweet fruity note coupled with a subtle floral aroma. On the downside, the matcha waffle had barely any hint of the characteristic earthy flavour, despite the promising green hues in the batter (swipe to the end to view). However, the texture was an ideal one that was consistent (judging from my previous try on their buttermilk waffle), with a crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy interior that carried a lingering buttery fragrance of batter. Looking forward to try the matcha ice cream next time, which I believe would be more prominent in flavour as compared to the waffles! .
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