Overhyped? Definitely. But good? Indubitably

This is the most shiok bowl I've had so far, if you've had a few good ones you know that if they copy from the OG the OG isn't going to taste too different. Nonetheless there's sth distinct about their spices, and slightly better if I may add, than most other places I've had.

It's not worth peak hours queue I guess, because how different can it be from every place that copies them, but to have it at 9pm without queueing, then it's really a blessing.

Their spices are probably adjusted to cater to the crowd, get 中辣 if you're able to take any spice at all, 小辣 over here probably only stings. The heat is there but I'm able to continue without water, so it's perfect for me and I guess anyone who loves mala for the flavours rather than the torture

Portion is really big, 3 things probably enough for one pax if you're not looking to stuff yourself. I'm v happy I didn't over order, 5 ingredients and I couldn't have finished. The cook was decent, not superb because they're rushing for time I guess. Some pork slices didn't separate, luckily nothing was overcooked.

Overall, worth checking out when the queue is short. Solid food and unique spices blend