First of all, we wanted to get the chicken nuggets; not sure how many pieces for $5 tho. (Only written as 'chicken nuggets $5 TODAY ONLY' on small chalkboard in front of cashier). Nvm that they didn't remove that when they were out of nuggets.

After we were told they were out of chicken nuggets, my hub ordered the fries instead.
I looked around for the price/ menu ... Not written anywhere.
Then I realised it costs $8. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The 'other menu', besides the small chalkboard in front of the cashier, was a bigger chalkboard (like the height of a painting size easel). But it wasn't the complete menu too.
I spotted some laminated A4 sheets pasted at a counter away from the cashier, at waist level. I presumed those sld be the menu/ pricelist since I can't see the tiny photographs as well.🤷‍♀️
Apparently there a menu at the cashier.

Since this is a food (hawker) centre, it would be good to at least offer different sizes like S/M/L for the fries instead of making people pay $8 for the fries.

2 of us struggled, but could only finish half the fries.
My wanton mee costs $4 only loh.

This stall has some areas for serious improvement.
And $8 for fries @a food centre = not quite worth.

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