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Look at this bulging bowl of goodness :D the box could barely fit this. But finally trying the 'OG meal prep place' as my dining partner puts it.

$15 bought me 2 bases (romaine, purple mashed sweet potato), 2 proteins (chicken breast, chili-lime shrimp), 3 supplements (broccoli, maple-glazed tempeh, egg whites), 1 topping (pomegranate seeds) and 1 dressing (honey mustard). To be honest the dressing is quite unnecessary; all the food is pretty well seasoned already so I only used it as a dipping sauce for the romaine. Or perhaps the lime squeeze might have been a better option.

The standouts to me were the chili-lime shrimp, which were fresh and crunchy with just the right amount of tanginess and spiciness from the seasoning. The tempeh is a good option for vegans and vegetarians looking for their protein fix; it was flavorful although I could barely taste the maple glaze.

All in all, not my favorite healthy salad place (personally I prefer more simply cooked food rather than the deluge of clashing flavors I got here) to eat in the CBD, but definitely worth it for the price and generous serving.