Her: 7.5/10
Him: 8/10
Plot twist this came with like PEARS on it we were very bewildered (but was our bad since we didn’t register the fruit when reading the menu lols) I liken the pear to like old cucumber type of taste, I felt it did add a bit of sweet balance to the otherwise heavy salty cream and chicken toppings! But I rated it lower than him because it got gelat at the end... and I felt it was way too salty in general 🥴

Not pictured: Banana PB Caramel Milkshake! This was a solid 9/10 for me, and I’m not even a banana milk fan person. I really appreciated the strong nuttiness of the drink and how it didn’t have inconsistencies in the blended texture. And the caramel wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet like we expected. YUM.

Tbh this place has pretty nice homey vibes, I saw some bad reviews but I wouldn’t mind going back to try their dessert pancakes actually 🤗