Was craving some good burgers and decided to give the armoury a shot! I ordered the Ohana Burger ($22) while the bf had the Mentaiko Burger ($24, pictured). We also requested to change one of the fries to sweet potato fries (+$2).

First impression : serving (of fries) was insanely huge!! Very generous portion and extremely crispy (though I found it to be slightly over fried). We requested for the cheese on my burger to be transferred over to my bf's and they were able to accommodate this request so thumbs up on that!

Burger wise, mine was quite okay. The bun was nice and fluffy but still maintained it's toastedness (which I greatly appreciate). However, I feel the sauce and patty was quite forgettable - not bad but not mind blowing. The bf's mentaiko burger was very interesting and the salmon ikura really changed the flavor profile of the burger.

Overall, we paid $24 for the meal (no gst, no service charge - huge boon!) Wasn't the best burger we had but definitely extremely value for money, given the taste, ambience and price point. Will be back with the one-for-one again :)