This ice cream was a sad case of bad pairing on my part. Two strong flavours coming together was a no go. Another no go for me was the sea salt matcha as well. I personally expected a stronger taste of matcha in this scoop, but to me it was just salty.. which didn’t make the taste very pleasant. On the other hand, the black sesame was really good! Thick and of quality, but I suggest eating it with other flavours, because it might get way too strong if you just eat it on its own. The charcoal cone was crisp and actually quite delicious, but I don’t really know how to describe the difference with a normal cone - you’d probably have to try it yourself. Priced at an additional $2 however, I might only get the cone when I’m hungry😂
P.S. service when I went was so bad to be honest. I understand that it’s a small ice cream bar and always flooding with Long queues. But the staff kind of chased my friend and I out as we were finishing our ice cream (we weren’t finished with it yet). Paying a pretty exorbitant price for ice cream because of their service charge... I don’t see why I can’t eat my ice cream at my own pace but have to rush to let customers in? Don’t charge me service then if I’m only allowed to sit in for like 5 minutes? Not to say I was going to idle at my seat or chill for hours after eating, I would definitely have left once I was done!.. but we weren’t really finished, and being ‘rushed’ was really not appreciated. So.. I Guess if you really wanna try just takeaway. Avoid GST too lol.