Now we get to @tunglokgroup signature calling card: their colossal crabs. They have Sri Lankan (to be confirmed), Canadian Dungeness crabs, and Alaskan king crabs that can be cooked in six different ways. Today’s exhibit is a mammoth Dungeness crab that’s been stir fried in white pepper with leeks & fresh peppercorns.⠀

Sure, trying to get every morsel of meat out of the shell is tedious work, but think of it as a tasty treasure hunt instead of tedious labour. Dig & excavate hard enough, and you’ll be rewarded by felicitously fresh & supple crabmeat that’s naturally subtly sweet & salty.⠀

I was apprehensive about the white pepper sauce, as peppery sauces and I go together about as well as alcohol abstinence and I. I’m not sure if it’s a Pavlovian response, or it’s due to one of my many allergies that was packaged together with my asthma, but overly peppery sauces get me choking & my throat just squeezes shut. ⠀

None of that uncomfortable business here with TungLok’s white pepper sauce, fortunately. The white pepper is strong enough to assert itself, but gentle enough to allow the sweet crustacean’s natural flavours to be tasted & enjoyed. The salty, peppery sauce is rather thick, and it clings to the crabmeat for a massive dose of scintillating savouriness. The leviathan crab is mighty meaty too, so you can rest assured you’re getting more than your fair share of satisfaction.⠀

While the crabs are premium produce with a premium price tag of $9.80++ per hundred grams, it’s incredibly worth the splurge and it’s a definite must try. Better yet, #burpplebeyond has a twenty percent discount on your food bill from Mondays to Thursdays to palliate the pinch, so why not indulge a little?⠀

I truly appreciate the hospitality, @tunglokgroup & @burpple!