The relaxed, casual vibe of this new cafe belies the fine dining type of dishes that they serve. In my opinion, the quality of the ingredients and standard of cooking is remarkable considering the rather low price point.
Take this Black Angus Ribeye for instance. It is incredibly juicy and grilled to exact medium-rare done-ness as requested. Clearly the result of a chef who takes great pride in his work. And although the steak comes with a big pool of creamy mustard truffle mayo, I enjoyed having it on its own too. I am not kidding when I say this easily beats many other pricier steaks out there.
If you are a hardcore meat-lover or feel like ordering a steak to share, you can choose to get the Black Angus Ribeye in bigger portions of 400gms ($35 nett) and 600gms ($50 nett). So customer-friendly right?

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