Apparently, as I've been told, The Betterfield fares better in the steak department than the risotto department, and I'm glad to prove this rumor right.

They field two excellent types of steak, one being Australian wagyu with a MBS of 4, and sublime black angus steak that's been fielded on this plate. This is undoubtedly one of the better beef offerings that's being fielded in Singapore, thanks to the tremendous tenderness of the steak, and the marvelous truffle mustard flanking the steak.

The black angus is rich and full flavored, thanks to all that marbled fat within, and every bite is packed full of juicy, fatty and tender bovine, bringing untold amounts of joy to my inner carnivore. The sea salt that's been evenly sprinkled atop the steak doesn't just add saltiness, it brings out the beefy flavors and richness of the steak even more. And when paired up with that decadent truffle mustard on that side, one gets catapulted onto the peaceful plains of beef nirvana in a bite or two.

Make no mistake, on the beefy battlefield between establishments fielding their own steaks, one is hard pressed to find a place that does divine bovine better than The Betterfield.

I've got no beef with that
Jason Wong you're on a roll today with all them puns
Russell Leong that's not the only thing I'm rolling right now if you know what I mean
Jason Wong I gotchu 😂