The menu had too much variety of choices which doesn’t resulted any good dish that they served. I had a celebration dinner for my mum’s birthday & it was really disappointing as the food was not as good as we thought it would be. The fact that the price of the food is not really worth it compared to going to better quality restaurants that could compete with much more worthy pizzas, pasta & so on with the price given from them. I don’t like that they serve the pasta cold, the nachos without enough salsa (come on, you guys could do better), the pizza that cost RM33 but it looks like pizza hut level 😶 (sorry to say) and with staffs not having the sense of alert really upsets me!! It’s supposed to be a surprise when the cake comes but the staffs talked aloud mentioning “eh cake cake” i was like wth 🙄!! You guys seriously have to be more considerate, what if its a proposal??! And you guys ruined the surprise. I proposed those who wants to visit this place to have dinner to go to better ones cause i’m sure if i have to pay that price range, i could go for better ones!