Ordered online and paid via PayNow. Website is quite intuitive and as long as you order a set menu, takes about 5 mins all in.

40 minutes later, I arrived to pick up my Taleggio Set (Comprises of a 12” pizza, a pasta, a side and two drinks), but they said they did not receive my order. Showed the confirmation and got them started. Have to wait another 15 mins. This is not good.

They were decent enough and apologised for their technical problem. Even gave me a free tiramisu dessert. Sure.

But really what is there not to forgive. The Carnivora Pizza was great and loaded with melted cheese. The lasagne was so so, pasta a bit under cooked. But what surprised us was the side - Vegetable Caponata. It was tangy and sweet and you couldn’t really tell it was a mixed vegetable side dish. You kinda expected to bite into some meat. Very appetising. All in a very legit Italian pizza parlour.

Will be back to try the other stuff in their menu.