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Chef Rick Du 杜非 from Shangri-la Shenyang is in town from 11 - 23 March 2019 & he brings with him delectable Sichuan delights to Shangri-la's already-amazing dinner buffet spread at The Line. Expect tasty treats such as Fried Peppercorn Pork 尖椒豉香小炒肉, Spicy Crispy Chicken 香酥辣子鸡, Spicy Claypot Crab 香辣干锅炒螃蟹, & my personal favourite: Sichuan Chicken in Chilli Oil 口水鸡.

Chef Du enthusiastically talked to us about his dishes, & you can tell he really takes pride in what he brings to the table. It was an honour to meet him in person!

There is a first time for everything - so I am pleased to announce that I have FINALLY tried Mala 麻辣. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hardcore spicy lover... Will probably never be. But now I get the appeal of mala-- 麻 which means numb, 辣 which means spicy.

The tender Sichuan Chicken in Chilli Oil 口水鸡 was what changed my mind & now I actually understand how a slightly numb feeling on the tongue is quite shiok. Coupled with that little bit of spiciness... Ok ok, I'm not a convert of hardcore crazy mala, let's just call this a very welcomed cultural immersion 😎

I'm the kind of person that can probably only order small spicy 小辣 stuff, but I'm glad my eyes have been opened to the world of mala. Maybe now my colleagues can finally be proud of me 😂

Prices start from $80++ per pax for not only these scrumptious Sichuan delights, but also The Line's usual awesome buffet spread.

Thanks Casey for the invite & for hosting us! 💕

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