Dropped by Wheeler’s Yard since we were exploring the hawker choices within the area; not much of a place that I would make a special visit down by my own considering how Whampoa/Balestier is not quite a neighbourhood that I do visit; but definitely helped that the vibes here do suit the festive season very well.

There wasn’t much dessert options available at Wheeler’s Yard save for the waffle and the cakes apart from this item. Serving their own rendition of an Orh Nee in a deconstructed form, the Crazy About Orh Nee features elements such as Yam Ice-Cream, Yam Cubes, Pumpkin Purée, Gingko Nuts, Coconut Cream and Homemade Butter Crumbs, the dish is a rather conservative attempt as a plated dessert considering the composition of the elements involved, though rather expected coming out of a cafe. Being a seemingly predictable dish, the Yam Ice-Cream carried a slight earthy note without being too sweet — well-balanced with the light coconut cream that results in a flavour that replicates that of Yam Paste and giving it a slight richness as well. The cubes of yam provides a bite, while the pumpkin purée came fibrous — personally would prefer the yam to be a little softer while the pumpkin purée to be more of a mash, though it could be an attempt to add a more textures to the dessert. The gingko nuts gave a slight bitterness for a flavoural contrast — also an element usually found in the traditional Yam Paste, while the homemade butter crumbs gave a slight cookie-esque crunch for a slightly western touch considering how its supposed to be a modern variant of the classic Teochew dessert.

Personally not too much of a fan of Wheeler’s Yard considering that there are many other places that does their food from scratch that appeals to me more, which explains why I hadn’t been pretty much here all this while, but I can tell the reason why some have them as their cafe of choice — the food is generally faultless with a few standouts that are actually pretty good (don’t kill me, but the Truffle Fries are rather decent for folks who are easily satiated with their truffle oil). The strongest draw factor however has to be their decor — that rustic, industrial look within an old warehouse just looks so apt; cosy and pleasant without being too jarring especially against the minimalist, white interiors that cafes absolutely love of the late. It’s undeniable to say Wheeler’s Yard has come quite far since being the new kid on the scene; from a Instagram checkpoint, to a favourite of its own audience that it appeals to — a place good for casual brunch, occasions and catch-ups alike that one should check out at least once.

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