I would seldom take a glance at the BBQ section at supermarkets because the grilled food usually look too dry or too burnt .

However , these iberico char Siews are well grilled . Perhaps because of the slightly higher fatty content in Pork ( as compared to chicken), these char siews remain moist and juicy even after a Long roast.

These premium black pig char siews are said to be healthier because they are high in oleic acids.
Each morsel of meat is juicy with a good sweet glaze.

You can eat them on their own or you can Chop them up and do a Yang Chow fried rice .

If you bought char siew from ordinary roasted meat shops, 5 dollars won’t get you many slices
So do head down to get your choice Piece of char siew at a discounted price for just the next few days .

This offer is available at 5.50 at Cold Storage or 5.80 at market place supermarkets .

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