From Henri Charpentier's latest outpost at Tanjong Pagar Centre. What differs here from the Orchard Central branch is that this outlet features an actual dine-in space as well as a Chef's Table — the latter is actually where the bakes are baked fresh out of the oven and also where all orders of the Crepe Suzette would be served.

At $21.40 (no service charge here and GST is already absorbed), the price tag could be argued as stupidly pricey for some especially for how it can be simply seen as two crepes soaked in orange syrup and Grand Marnier with ice-cream on the side. That being said, it's both a theatric and gastronomical treat — I had a rather enthusiastic Japanese chef who did my order and it was a rather interactive experience between the chef and diner. Especially noteworthy would be the cue given when the flambé is about to begin; the chef announced "it's showtime!" and dimmed the lights right before the action starts and everyone's eyes is just set to the Chef's Table to watch it all happen. The crepes are prepared beforehand, but delightfully thin and a little chewy while it is soaked in a boozy, citrusy syrup that's spiked with Grand Marnier (he asked me if I loved alcohol and it's definitely a yes in this scenario). Usually I wouldn't expect much out of the ice-cream, but it was surprisingly creamy, smooth and luxuriously rich of vanilla aroma; a very good complement to the crepes. Yes, I would probably still hesitate ordering this in a heartbeat given it's price tag, but I would say it is indeed an experience worth spending the money for a special treat/moment/occasion once in this lifetime.