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This is one of the healthier and also one of the pricier dishes on the menu at Curry Times. It does take a while longer to serve - we were informed it would take about 15 minutes, but it didn’t feel that long.

For $19, the portion of cod is quite small, but you do get some rice as well. The cod is slathered in sweet sauce with preserved radish, which did get a bit too salty after a few mouthfuls. It does go well with the white rice though, and the crunchy chye poh was a nice contrast in texture to the silky soft cod fish flesh. The cod fish is well cooked and sweet, and I could appreciate it on its own or with the rice. Overall, I really enjoyed this dish, but it is definitely quite pricey compared to the other items on the menu.

Note that you can pay with FavePay at Curry Times, but there’s a 10% discount with DBS/POSB cards at the moment (April 2019) so choose whichever payment method benefits you more.