A frame full of delicious things with the Lobster Roll ($45++) reigning supreme.
Bursting from the confines of the toasted and buttered cushiony-soft, light bun were massive chunks of fresh lobster. Dressed with a bit of a creamy dressing and some melted cheese, this was very, very good. It came with fries and frisée but I only had eyes for the lobSTAR.
Apparently yours truly couldn't get enough of crustacean action because I had to order myself a Lobster Bloody Mary ($20++) too. The clincher was knowing the savoury vodka-based cocktail includes a chunk of lobster meat on a stick.
Lurking behind everything in my photo is the Kale Salad ($15++). That was a healthy, tasty dish with pears and pecan nuts thrown in amongst the crisp kale.