Spent the entire weekend checking out the various new sourdough spots that had recently sprouted up around the island — Yeast Side is a fairly recent addition to KAP Mall, taking over the former premises of Kindred Folk around the exterior the mall; the ice-cream parlour has since moved into a smaller space within the mall opposite the entrances to the theatre halls of Eagle Wings Cinematics there.

With yeast being very much the central focus of their concept here, Yeast Side offers patrons with a menu of sourdough loaves, bakes, toasts and specialty coffee during the day from 9am till sold out, but the spot switches up to become a drinking hole by night time serving up craft beers on tap from 4pm onwards. Being here for the sourdough offerings, we opted for the Smoked Salmon & Ricotta Tartine which also features elements such as pickled onions, dill and capers. A classic combination of elements, I liked how the cream cheese and smoked salmon gave contrasting hints of savouriness, whilst also being creamy and luscious whilst the various elements over the top such as the pickled onions provide a good crunch, with a zing that is well accompanied by the capers; the dill adding a hint of herb-y aroma that makes for the classic flavours associated with this combination of ingredients. The slice of sourdough beneath also plays it well here; crusty, with quite a good bite given the tension of the bread, it also comes with a slight tang from the fermentation process in the making of the loaf — something which I am a fan of personally.

Whilst the sourdough toasts served at Yeast Side are a little more limited and seemingly felt as though they were playing it safe with more usual combinations of ingredients being offered, there is no doubt that Yeast Side’s offerings are still pretty satisfying — well-executed sourdough loaves that comes topped with simple and hearty ingredients for those opting for a tartine, toastie or even a sourdough slice with spreads. There may be other similar spots along Bukit Timah (i.e. Micro Bakery + Kitchen at Serene Centre), but Yeast Side is also a great option for those closer to KAP Mall!