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Dishes we got: Trofie with Crab, Asparagus and Mint salmoriglio ($25) and Grilled Swordfish ($30)

Review: I was really disappointed with my pasta, because the trofie was undercooked (you could still see the raw flour when you cut into the pasta), and the taste of garlic was really overwhelming in the dish. It overpowered the mint so you couldn’t tell that there was mint in the dish at all. The flavors were nice for the first few monthfuls, but it became too heavy after awhile.

My partner had the swordfish, it was generally quite well cooked. Despite swordfish being quite a dense fish, it still retained some moisture and wasn’t too dry.

Spanish Pork Ribs with Butter Potatos ($26)
Wagyu Beef Cheek with Roast Peppers ($28)
Tagliatelle with Duck Ragù & Foie Gras ($26)
Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Carbonara ($26)
Disappointing Pasta
Slow cooked beef stew ($12.90)  Beef was served in a tomato sauce and food came relatively quickly.
Homemade salami platter ($22)  A surprising and delicious appetiser, considering the other dishes that we had were not too good.
Crispy calamari ($15)  Calamari was fried quite well, although a tad oily when served.
Grilled beef steak big plates lunch menu ($13.80)  Overall, a rather disappointing steak.
Enormous Beef Cheeks
Good place For Drinks!
Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella & Rustic Bread!