Doughnuts that live up to the hype!

This is a box of 6, where my aunt picked 5 Cinnabombe and 1 Basil Cream & Rhubarb.

I really liked the Cinnabombe because it was simple yet hit the spot as a sweet treat. It’s light and fluffy on the inside, so you can really indulge and have a full one (or two!), and the exterior is coated in cinnamon sugar, which wasn’t overly sweet. This tasted lovely both at room temperature and heated up in the oven.

The Basil Cream & Rhubarb was a slightly heavier dessert, as they really do not skimp on the cream filling. Unfortunately, the one I got missed out on its shot of rhubarb jam, so we only tasted the basil cream, which I found refreshing. When I posted a cross section photo of said Basil Cream & Rhubarb doughnut, the team at Sourbombe were quick to point out that it didn’t have the rhubarb jam in it, which would explain why I didn’t taste any rhubarb. Their customer service was great and they apologised for this but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

Would definitely try more flavours in the future, but will be sharing the filled ones, as they are a more filling treat vs the Cinnabombe.