Giant plates and 6 levels of spicyness, that would probably be what Monster Curry was all about. Paying S$14.80 for this meal was considered quite value for money, considering that the portions were not overrated.

The Pork Shabu-Shabu Omelette Curry came with quite a good portion of sliced pork belly. Though it was only steamed rice under the blanket of egg omelette, the flavours were compensated by the pool of Japanese curry and the cabbage salad with sesame dressing and picked ginger.

But mind you, the chilli could blow you over the rooftop if you were not so much into spicy food, even with Level 1 spicyness (which was what you had seen on the photograph). To play safe, ask the waiters to serve the chilli separately and mix sparingly and cautiously to make the experience less fiery. When all else fails, bottled mineral water could be obtained at S$1.50 each.

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