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Sushiro is a place that I seemingly really enjoy going back to — the new menu items added in conjunction with their second anniversary pushes the bar even more; so much so I actually ended up finding a new item that is probably going to be the go-to item when I am here.

Coming with Seafood Cubes, Spicy Salmon and Salmon Sashimi, it’s the item that was the Bara Chirashi that comes with a plus — one still gets their Bara Chirashi cravings fixed with the rather generous amount of seafood cubes that they serve up for the item (yes, the same marinated seafood cubes that are not too savoury nor too sweet; the ones I loved since the very first visit), while coming with fresh slices of salmon and that fiery spicy minced salmon that really gives a kick which is pretty lethal with the nose-pinching, brain-disabling numbness provided from the wasabi on the side. It’s the ultimate deal for those who have always though they liked Bara Chrashi with marinated fish but fussed over how it never was as spicy dish — it’s just straight-to-the-point shiok and certainly one that I will make a special visit for!

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