To fill your belly, you can get your seafood fix with their set of six different handrolls at $36 - starting from plump chunks of Hotate to Kampachi, brined Salmon, Toro, Crab, and lastly Engawa. My two favourite being the more premium Kampachi and Engawa. Firm and sweet, the former packed a surprising punch though it was simply cured in a mild dry spiced rub and glazed with their house-made nikiri. The rub bringing out the natural flavour of the fish, pairing well with the warm rice and seaweed. And of course, aburi anything is just better. Hence, their torched engawa with smoked salt and yuzu nikiri was a solid ten out of ten. The slightly oily texture of the fluke fin with the tantalising charred exterior was so amazing - warm and smokey. The subtle fragrance of the yuzu providing that refreshing dose of sweetness too.