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It’s an amazing play of ingredients to exude fine dining to this 8 course meal. We started off with a medley of appetizers. What stood out to us was the Shroom Kut Teh Consommé and Salted Egg Popiah. It was a herbal style brew packed with umami goodness of mushrooms and served with crunchy you tiao. Whereas the use of salted egg in the popiah was a delightful contrast to the traditional turnip fillings. The meal ended off strong with a delicate Min Jiang Kueh Crepe cake with layers of peanut butter and cream. Everybody was seen scrapping their plates clean.
Thank you @singaporefoodlisting @elemensg for the invite!

8 course meal SGD38.00 (available till 31 Aug 2019)
Salted Egg Popiah
Shroom Kut Teh Consommé
Mantou with Chilli Sauce
Bandung Sorbet
Hainanese Style Risotto
Min Jiang Kueh Crepe Cake
Soy Milk with Gula Melaka