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Using Matchaya's very own powder, The Masses presents a series of Milk Teas consisting of the flavours Matcha ($5 hot/$7 cold), Hōjicha ($5/6), Royal Milk Tea ($5/6) and Kinako ($5/6). Gave the Matcha, Hōjicha and Kinako Milk Teas a go, and they are all really robust in their respective flavours despite the seemingly high milk content. The strong yet not overwhelmingly bitter Matcha Milk Tea is the winner of the lot for me, and I would say it's probably one of the most impressionable matcha-infused drinks I've had in a really long while, and might even be my return drink for future visits. The Kinako Milk Tea would be even lovelier with more kick, but that's just me because I love my kinako notes to come off strong. 😅

The Masses Gin & Brunch menu is available on weekends, so mark down your weekend brunch plan for this week or the next on your calendar, because it's going to contribute to a well-deserved and pleasant weekend ahead of you. 😁

Shoutout and many thanks to @themassessg for hosting, and happy anniversary! 👊