Iberico chorizo, confit potato, and soft eggs:
The waiter will help to mix it all together to be eaten as a dip together with the bread. Can’t go wrong with sausages, potato, and eggs so it made a nice tapas. Wouldn’t order again though because I’d like to try more interesting dishes :)

Croquettes (2x crab and 2x jamon iberico):
The perfect comfort food. The croquettes were of just the right soul-warming temperature, gooey and delicious, and had a surprising smoky element to it!
My favourite dish of the night despite its simple appearance!

Squid ink paella:
Rice was nicely cooked, not too wet nor too dry! Though it could have been more flavourful. I am usually not a fan of squid because of how tough it can be, but the seafood here was all fresh and perfectly chewy.