I've posted this before but the quality of this dish and the likelihood of it going the way of dinosaurs make me want the younger generations of this app read about it.
It's a real shame if this stall closes as the value and quality is really great. For $2.50 you can a bowl of noodles with at least 3 big slices of fish cake, 3 fishballs and even a fish dumpling. All made with fresh ingredients. The noodles are very well mixed with vinegar and chilli sauce. Crunchy and tasty. 👍👍👍 Try it before the stall owners call it a day.

Will make a visit when I can Ah Leong San
As long as I don't get distracted by the curry rice 😂
Dex I'm not sure if you've mixed up this stall with the same name in Tiong Bahru. Tiong Bahru one is ran by a more elderly man. This one in Beo Crescent is by younger men. Think they're related.
Ah I think I did! Tried the one next to Loo's Curry Rice
Then you should try this. It's cheaper, longer queue but quite fast. More seats as it's in Beo Crescent FC