Iberico pork cheek? Yes please! The bff @bokkeroonie (whom I forgot to take a photo with - apologies, I really need to start taking photos of people rather than food LOL) hinted strongly we had to have Santouka ramen. What a great decision Bok. Totally worth it. The ramen was light, the soup (Kare Miso) flavourful but not overwhelming, it had a light punch of spice to it (super light), the noodles springy and chewy. Then BAM! The #iberico pork cheek blew it all out of the water with its melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. There was a wonderful sweetness to it that melted into a lovely, meaty aftertaste, each bite so tender and magical. But see, each bite was so tasty because of the FAT (see that shine). The life-giving fat giveth, the life-giving fat taketh away. *sigh* cause once you had that fatty pork - nothing satisfies. But no matter how delicious, the oiliness did kill it for me a little. Still. At $22 for both ramen and pork, this was a steal. RAMENNNNNN FOOORRR LIFEEE #RAMEN #Santouka #santoukaramen