Unless you live nearby, it takes dedication to come this far to Segambut. But the trek is worth it for a hearty, group-friendly meal at the streetside Zheng Kee. The zinc-roofed stall is led by its meats, with the Steamed Chicken (from RM16) in the spotlight for its soft, yellow skin and supple flesh, especially if you opt for the capon bird (from RM22) — castrated chickens known for juicier meat. The crowd favourite, however, falls to the Siew Yuk (from RM16) that earns the Burpple community's stamp of approval with its cookie-crisp skin. The fatty layer beneath alternates with tender flesh to gives it points over the less impressive Char Siew (from RM16) here. Beat the heat with a herbal soup, their signature Coconut Chicken Soup (RM18) is served in a coconut husk chock full of healing, herbal goodness.
Avg Price: RM25 per person
Photo by Burppler Dixon Chan