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Bagged a gorgeous, decadent whole chocolate cake (1kg) from Chalk Farm for $60. They do sell them by the slice too for $8 per slice. I think it’s a slightly healthier version made with olive oil instead of butter but it’s definitely one of the most awesome chocolate cakes I’ve ever had!

The intricately decorated top layer is quite possibly pure dark chocolate. I was very impressed by how well it held up without refrigeration (almost 4 hours the previous night at ambient or air conditioned room temperature) and the precise swirls weren’t even sweating or the least bit messed up. Placed it into the refrigerator overnight and took it out an hour before serving and it was actually hard to cut through the solid thick top layer with the plastic knife provided! The dark chocolate is rich, luscious, slightly bittersweet, and oh so delicious. The moist chocolate sponge cake below is also so damn addictive. I love that this cake never comes across as too sweet, and although it is luxuriant, it’s never too overwhelming or jelak.

A true chocolate lover’s dream.