In total agreement with those who had said that her bakes tasted just as good as it looks, I found creations to be absolutely exquisite. At $19, the Eco Box Set features two of each item which I thought was quite a steal.

Delivering a subtle saltiness and piquancy to the buttery financiers, the addition of pickled cherry blossom may not be for everyone but was certainly enjoyable for me. The tanginess cutting the sweetness and the richness of the pastry. Light and tender with a slight crisp along the edges, the texture of the Pickled Cherry Blossom Financiers were also great.

Soft classic French treats flavoured with matcha powder, the Matcha & Yuzu Madeleines were delightful. With pieces of yuzu hidden within, the moist interior offers a citrusy-sweet fragrance that was well-complemented by the gentle earthiness of the tea. Glazed with Suntory's Roku gin, the shell-shaped cookies come with an alcohol-free option as well.

Perfect with a cup of tea, the Pistachio & Raspberry Cookies were loaded with toppings such as streusel and dried bits of the said fruit. The chopped nuts on the freshly baked pistachio-based cookies also provided an added crunch and after warming them up in the oven, the melted dark chocolate gave that extra bit of indulgence.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the next upcoming bake sale via the Telegram channel if you want to snag a box for yourself!