They started at Yishun Bus Interchange, and have since expanded! I went when they still had a free upgrade promotion, (though on second thoughts I would much rather just have 5 toppings, but the eager sales lady made it hard for me to reject the 7 toppings) and got popping jelly pearls, fresh fruit, granola and coconut! The good news is that their soft serves are completely vegan and they aren't very sweet, making it a healthier treat that you can enjoy with anyone! Would be better if they had more variety of toppings though, as most of it were just sauces and the same type but different flavoured jelly balls and granola. Don't be put off by the black coloured soft serve, it's infused with charcoal and is made with black soybeans which are supposedly more nutritious for you than regular soybeans, so eat up!