Used two Beyond deals on this place, mains were super filling so I used up one Main+Dessert and one Mains deal. Menu is very flexible with the deal so I ordered the salmon dish which was extremely well-cooked and flavourful while my friends ordered the crabmeat pasta and scallop-prawn pasta.
Salmon was so flaky and yummy with the additions of the mustard cream sauce and basil oil on the side, the salmon skin was soooo crispy and yummy.
Crabmeat pasta was super generous with the crabmeat and pinenuts and the sauce so so flavourful and rich. Scallop-prawn pasta was served with a very thick but aromatic broth, although scallops tasted slightly frozen but prawns were excellent!!
Desserts were slightly on the heavy side, but the pear bread pudding was unanimously decided to be the better of the two, the other being the sticky date pudding. The texture was crispier and it had more flavour notes as compared to the sticky date pudding, which was served soaking in the cream sauce which led to it tasting a little too soggy for our liking.
Overall, the meal was great, service was excellent and we will definitely come back here again. Thank you Burpple and Marmalade Pantry for having us! ✨