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While the lightly limp rocket and purple wholemeal bun looks slightly alarming, this was my favourite burger! It’s more of a classic type of burger, with a beef chuck patty, bacon, Swiss cheese, rocket, garlic aioli and a hidden slice of beetroot at the bottom of the burger which matches the buns. While I don’t normally enjoy beetroot, it worked well in this burger and gave it more moisture without tasting too earthy. The flavours in this burger weren’t as in your face, so you can actually properly taste the beef, so this was quite enjoyable.

Overall, I wouldn’t pay for the burger at its full price at Fat Boy’s because there are definitely better places at that price point, but it’s quite worth it with the 1 for 1 on burpple beyond. Do note this outlet is quite understaffed though, so the food takes quite a while to come. It’s newly renovated though it seems, so it’s quite nice and bright compared to before!