The choice to choose between Yakiniku or Shaburi Shabu-Shabu, went for the latter because the slots for Yakiniku was packed all the way. Thankfully my friend went to get Q number early at 5+pm and we were informed of an available slot at 7pm.

Upgraded to the Special Shabu, so its 90 mins dining time, with more choices of meat. I usually go for beef 🥩 when it comes to Japanese hotpot, and preferred Angus Beef here compared to Tasty Beef as I prefer less fats in meats generally.

Individual Twin Pot for soup, Tonkotsu and Hot Miso. Tonkotsu was satisfying, rich broth and doesn’t interfere much with the taste of the ingredients. Hot Miso was lackluster, doesn’t pack as much flavor and spiciness as I would like.

For drinks bar, an array of cooked food and other ingredients there will be lists of papers to order due to the covid situation now. Would recommend this place for their Shaburi Shabu-shabu due to the quality of the meat and at least I discovered a broth I really like on my first try!

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