Wakon is famous for their exquisite black truffle dishes. Aside from that, I was recommended to try their udon and meat skewers. Thus, I tried their handmade udon in tonkotsu soup (RM9) along with BBQ pork belly (RM7.3) and pork neck skewers (RM8.4).

Everything tastes very good! The udon tastes fresh and springy. The tonkotsu soup has clean but strong flavor of pork broth. There are corn kernels inside the soup which were a bit mushy. It could be a lot better if they were crunchy, adding texture to the dish. The pork belly and neck were amazing. Even though the pork belly came dry, but fortunately it was crunchy with some burnt bits, making it tastes a bit smoky. Love the pork neck too! The meat was springy and very juicy.

My tips if you visit this place is eat everythinf while they're still warm! The place was very cold, it tends to make the dishes cold quickly.