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It shines with the vibrant yellow light of an exploding star and tastes even more radical. With hints of coriander, chilies, ginger, vanilla and some other secret stuff, expect shock waves rolling across your tongue. Perfect for a late night with a big yellow moon up in the sky.
The most energetic beer in our series: it shines bright
yellow like a stellar explosion. The taste of fresh coriander,
ginger, vanilla, and hints of chili will create shock waves in
your palate. This beer is only brewed during nights of the

Story: Shangri-La is one of the world's closest places to
the sky. At night countless stars form a brilliant painting in
the sky. Nights in Shangri-La are quite unlike those in the
noisy city. Here, people stand under the quiet night sky
and fall into deep thought as if their human spirits have
detached themselves from their bodies and have forgotten
all their troubles. A supernova is the gigantic explosion of a
star at the end of its natural life. This explosion is
extremely bright and capable of illuminating an entire
galaxy. Our Supernova beer has the taste of an exploding
star providing your taste buds with unforgettable golden
yellow shock waves.#beer #28wilkie #28wilkieshangrilabeer #burpple #italianfood #italianrestaurantsingapore