I still vividly remember the first time having this dish. The perfectly cooked fish that melted in my mouth along with a tasty and generous tomato salsa, slightly overcooked prawns and an average quinoa, but overall, it was still a mouthwatering dish.

I went back to Cedele today, excited and hungry, and I ordered this dish for the second time. Sadly to say, I was highly disappointed. The fish and prawns were seriously overcooked, the tomato ssa was as tasty as before and honestly, the hero of the dish today but Cedele was stingy with the amount that they gave, and the quinoa was as average as ever. Overall, a dry and tough-to-enjoy meal and I'm seriously disappointed. My expectations for this dish have been crushed and I don't think I would order it again.

Service-wise, some of the staff were really lazy. I noticed one of the female staff cleaning up the table and though she spotted some bread on the floor, she didn't bother to clean it up and left it on the floor. And even when my mother left her cup of tea and number tag on the table, she didn't even bother calling us back. The staff gave off a very cold and "sian" attitude other than one of the older staff members, who was hardworking and helpful.

However, I understand that there are "bad days" and maybe, this is just one of the bad days for Cedele. :) Hoping to return with a better experience next time!