One of my all time favourite comfort food, Scorch’s (一把火) Lu Rou Fan had been on my to-eat-list for quite awhile and I finally got to having it a couple weeks back. Even with just two basic elements - braised meat and rice, it is not difficult to mess up the quintessential Taiwanese staple. Hence, upon the first bite I was pleasantly surprised by the flavourful braised sauce and melty pork belly. Savoury, tender and absolutely saucy; the bowl may be heavier on the flavours imo but immensely satisfying especially with the slightly peppery aftertaste. And though the serving is not very big, take up @Burpple advice of adding meat ($1) to the small bowl ($3) so as to get the right proportion of 'lu rou' to 'fan'. Loving that it is diced instead of minced, the heap of slow-cooked pork also had a great texture as well as ratio of fattiness. Served on steamy white Japanese rice, the fluffy bed was able to soak up all the gravy-goodness with the thin slices of tangy pickled cucumbers cut through the richness.