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Opened recently within Hotel Soloha, Takeshi Noodle Bar is a new ramen establishment that serves up fusion ramen. Allowing patrons to customise their ramen according to their preferences, Takeshi Noodle Bar offers several types of noodles with their Ramen (i.e. Japanese Ramen noodles, Linguine or Angel Hair), whilst also allowing patrons to go for different levels of firmness of the noodles and various thickness of the broth.

Going for the Japanese Ramen noodles for hard level of noodle firmness and a normal thickness of the broth, the ramen also features other elements such as Mizayaki A5 Wagyu Beef, Nori Seaweed, Kikuage, Hon Shimeiji, Ajiitsuke Tamango, Menma, Green Onion and a Truffle Tonkotsu broth. Taking a sip of the broth, the broth carries a light truffle aroma that perfumes the entire bowl; prominent but not overwhelming the creamy and aptly thick Tonkotsu broth that is not too cloying on its own. The slices of Wagyu Beef portioned was not something I would call generous; understandably so considering the grade of the beef for such a price tag but they were pretty tender without carrying any gaminess — a mix of lean and fatty meat without needing much effort to chew and almost akin to that of Shabu-Shabu style beef. The remaining condiments help to provide more texture to the ramen; the Hon Shimeiji and Kikuage providing a bouncy bite, while the Menma adds a crunch — the Ajiitsuke Tamago coming with molten yolk that carries a savoury note from the marination. Whilst opting for hard firmness for the noodles, we found the noodles to be much on the soft side instead. A pretty decent bowl of ramen; all served it a pretty hip environment that would work well as a spot for dates or catch-ups for small groups.