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Date Visited: 10/6/2018 (Sun,3:30pm)

It is so much better to come here for lunch than to come here for dinner. Much more relaxing experience.

If you drive, be prepared to wait forever for a parking lot during dinner time. Unless you are luckier than the other 99 cars that are also waiting for a lot. And after that, you still gotta find seats. Challenging if you come in a big group. And after that, your still have to queue for your food.

I ordered the chicken and mutton satay ($0.60 each), plus the ketupat (rice cakes, $0.50 each). I don't think the ketupat is made by them though. They came in plastic wrappers.

The satays are good. Very well-marinated; sweet and savoury. In fact, more sweet than savoury, which is what I like for satay. Chunky pieces of meat and not some minced meat put together. The biggest chunks I had thus far. In Singapore and from other stalls there as well.

Satay sauce is good as well. Looks watery but is not. Sweet, thick, fragrant and not oily!

Love it!