So there's this option to Build Your Own Bowl where you choose your base + protein(s) + 1 sauce + side(s).

I chose Sushi Rice ($1) + Unagi ($9) + Truffle Mayo + Onsen Egg ($1) + Lok-Lok Broccoli ($1.50).

So it stated sushi rice and when I bit into it I was so disappointed because it was just PLAIN short grain rice. Felt so deceived.

The unagi was quite good. Well cooked. Tender and flavorful. I really like the sauce on it as well.

Next the truffle mayo which turned out to be a disappointment. Did not have any truffle taste which I think the staff should taste for themselves on the day they serve.

For the onsen egg, it was good. Egg was flowy.

Lok-Lok broccoli was delicious as well. Tender, not too crunchy and well seasoned. My favourite in the don.

Overall the don lacked sauce and that caused the ingredients not to gel well with each other. It was like eating many seperate dishes, not in the good way. Hope they would drizzle some sauce on the plain rice instead of just the ingredients itself.

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