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I Love Burgers (find me a person who doesn’t, and I’ll show you a liar) is the most low key of the trio of burger joints that I know of that operate out of a hawker centre, but it ain’t half bad.

While the patty tasted and felt like a split between actual minced beef and veggie filler, it was still delicious. The patty was dazzlingly delicious, but the satisfaction wasn’t quite there due to the fact that the patty was a bit thin, which in turn resulted in a patty that’s less juicy than most. Sure, they could replace the veggie filler with more beef and be thicker and denser, but it’s still an acceptable starting point.

Of course, melted cheese will never fail to be on point. Meanwhile, the sauce on the burger is quite the interesting and delicious mishmash of Worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce, pickle relish and ketchup. All in all, $5 is an absolute bargain for a two patty cheeseburger, but I wouldn’t mind paying a dollar or two more if they were to refine and beef up their patties.

However, I would recommend giving their Cajun Cheese Fries ($5 extra) a miss, as the cheese sauce was quite close to nonexistent, and the Cajun spice was overwhelming. I’d advocate going for the more unconventional and interesting Salted Caramel or Salted Butterscotch Fries, or the reliable ol’ onion rings, all priced at an alright $4.