There are quite a number of places that I get quite excited to revisit whenever in Potong Pasir — one being HoJiaGa 呵呷嘠 for their Sausage with Sticky Rice ( Original) 大肠包小肠, and the other one being Ms. Durian for their durian pastries and desserts.

Being of the new items just launched recently, the 24K Mao Shan Wang Cheese Cake comes in two sizes — a 9cm portion good to share between 2 to 3 pax according to Ms. Durian, and a 15cm portion that is good for 8 pax, which we went for the former. To give the cheese cake it’s glittery 24K gold aesthetic, it comes with an additional layer of Konnyaku Jelly embellished with gold flakes for the shimmery effect — something which I could make do without. Going for the cheesecake itself, the cheesecake was an utter pleasure — unlike other durian cheesecakes that features durian flesh churned into the mousse layer, their rendition comes with the mousse encasing durian pulp instead. This results in a brilliant combination of the two elements — an actual smooth, creamy and luscious cheesecake mousse that was well-balanced and not too heavy when had against the fibrous durian pulp, whilst the the durian pulp comes with a pungent hint of the king of fruits that takes the cake (quite literally); a sure hit with durian lovers.

While there are quite a few establishments around that serves up durian-related desserts, I always liked how Ms. Durian throws in one or two new specials every now and then to keep things fresh and exciting for their patrons. That, coupled with the quality of their bakes which had remained consistent over the years, as well as the low-key location that they are within The Poiz Centre, does make Ms. Durian a rather laid back hangout for those who loves their durian-based desserts — somewhere that I still look forward to returning even till this day.